Bulk Messaging @ WhatsApp Broadcast

Precaution: Use this feature wisely and only send to people who opt-in and knows about you / your business.

Step #1 - Create Contact Group

To start sending a broadcast, you would need to create a contact group in advance.
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Once a group has been created, you can add multiple contacts to the group.
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Make sure each number starts with the country code and place only ONE number per line.
Numbers added can be deleted by following the steps below.
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Step #2 - Create Campaign

Once you have created a contact group and added numbers to the group, you can start to create your broadcast campaign.
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Currently, the minimum delay between each message is 1 minute for WaBot V2 single device. But if you are using WaBot MD V2 (multi device), the minimum delay is 5 seconds.
Additional Tips:
  • Make sure to use the appropriate delay. Longer is better and safer.
  • Use the "Spintax" feature to avoid being detected as a "robot" by WhatsApp
  • Don't send messages to people who do not know you and do not want to receive messages from you.

Step #3 - Schedules

Once the campaign has been submitted, you can check and edit the campaign
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