Main Features:
  • Send WhatsApp notification order to customer & shop admin when an order placed
  • Support all WooCommerce default order statuses (Pending, On-hold, Processing, Completed, Cancelled, Refunded, Failed)
  • Support multimedia message format (text, image, audio, video, document, file)
  • Send WhatsApp notification on low stock product
  • Send WhatsApp notification to vendors when customer buy their products
  • Support default WooCommerce checkout field, such as: [shop_name], [order_id], [order_amount], [order_status], [order_product], [payment_method], [bank_details], [billing_first_name], [billing_last_name], [billing_phone], [billing_email], [billing_company], [billing_address], [billing_country], [billing_city], [billing_state], [billing_postcode]
  • Extensive messages logs for message history tracking
Supported Multivendor Plugin:
Supported Booking / Reservation / Appointment Plugin:
Supported Membership Plugin:
Supported CRM Plugin:
Supported Form Plugin:


Please download the correct version, base on your dashboard.